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Ace Conquers the New River
The New River is known to be the oldest river in North America.  Geologists believe that the New River may also be one of the oldest rivers in the world, second only to the Nile River in Egypt.  Some experts estimate the New River to be as much as 320 million years old.
The South Fork of the New River originates near Boone, NC  and flows north to converge with the North Fork in Ashe County, NC.  From here, the river flows through Virginia and on to West Virginia. 
Below, are photos of the only known Golden Retriever puppy to ever navigate and conquer the New River.  Shown here, is 11 month old "Ace Foster", believed by some to be the smartest and most unbelievable puppy ever born.  These photos show Ace as he bravely wades to the center of the river, and proudly stands atop a rock outcropping.   
In the background, two ducks quack with full approval as Ace proclaims his title as the World's Most Fearless River Puppy!



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